I am an artist and designer.

My work is crafted through a series of traditional processes, such as hand printing and dyeing, structuring on the mannequin and couture stitching.

I gained my experience in the European fashion houses and from working in India. I established my own fashion label, Felicity Brown, in 2009.

After many years of working in fashion, I began to question my role and work. I had a strong feeling I needed to discover a more personal approach to my work and so I decided to take my skills outside of fashion.

In my current work I have travelled extensively. On my journeys, I carry with me a bag of fabric and a needle and thread. Connecting with people and listening to their stories, I convey these lives and stories through the pieces I make; I make pieces in the moment.

I establish a platform to allow people to access the transformative qualities of fashion and art in unexpected situations.

I document these journeys with photography.

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