Love hearts

Los Angeles

This time i'm by bike and carrying fabrics from all the colours of the rainbow, I had dyed and painted all ranges and intensities of colours, I rip up the large pieces into strips.

I have just returned from this trip and I am yet to understand the story but I want to introduce the people I met.

It was early morning, dawn on Venice Beach , the first person I meet is  'Di Gioia'. He introduces me to his flock of birds, that are moving wherever he tells them to go. He saids his name means 'JOY', which is a great beginning to the trip.

felicity brown fashion journeys road trip america

Di Gioia in Purple silk.

felicity brown  Fashion couture journeys

Soukhe .

Tommy had been in LA three weeks and was there to practise Japanese healing. He understood colour and said his was Green for power.

felicity brown fashion journeys los angeles

Steve in lime OMG he was perfection .

felicity brown journeys pink love fashion

Bi Bi Elva, her name meaning ' Baby He goes'.  I met Bi Bi on Venice beach she said she was 'Pink Love'. I had seen Bi Bi from far away, she had a orange pink glow. We spent the morning together.

felicity brown fashion journeys

Up in Canyons ,  I wrap up in the rainbows to keep the heat off.

Felicity Brown Los angeles rainbow fashion

David was up in the  canyons. He walked in the Canyons daily and knew them really well. I had been walking on the quiet sides, he sent me another way 

Felicity Brown Fashion Traveller Los Angeles Journeys dresses rainbow jesus

Kristin is hiking with her best friend, she now has a new pair of rainbow wings.

felicity brown fashion journeys america

I loved this moment, Kristin floating off for a hike with Rainbow wings.


Out on the Bike, with fabric in LA

Venice Beach LA felicity brown journeys fashion

When I met Bethany she had been doing community service with an orange jacket and a broom. This was some transformation that happened in moments. 

Bethany in Red!

Evening time Venice Beach.

Tom and Jack . They have just had breakfast out on the rocks, with a camp stove,  omelettes and coffee. They got to the rocks early at 6 for fishing, they caught  lunch.They are residence of this beach for the past 11 years. They have some incredible stories. I saw them a lot over the week, Jack in the background would let me know when it was time to go home.

Sam was skating before work, he was incredibly happy!

felicity brown fashion journeys couture collection

Sam in pink,skating off to work in the Skateboard shop.

Greg Venice  Beach 

Chris titles himself 'Subject orange' .  Chris was sitting in front of a brass band playing amazing music. This again was really something, Chris meditating amongst this music and Orange.

I'm lost on Sunset. 

Carl on fountain avenue.

Carl showing me the way.

'Duji sounds like Fuji'.