I am planning on making two short films in 2016:

The Love Heart Journey and The Dream Van Journey.

Over the last three years, I have made journeys throughout America, making pieces in the moment, listening to stories, connecting with people and documenting it all in photography. The next stage is to turn these journeys into film: The Love Heart Journey.


I am looking for all types of support: funding, sponsorship, a social media platform...

Love Heart Journey 


The purpose of the love heart journey is to


 Listen to  peoples stories and lines of love , 



-(strip back all the bullshit , connect the art  the person connect  outside in the universe with working in the elements  connect art back to everybody  challenged on physical spiritual level )




`I will be travelling by foot . I always go lightly , i’ve learnt it’s  an open way  to make connections  . 

Carrying a  bag of fabric  and meeting people , I take all my colours  and paint  peoples hearts on made in the moment pieces ..

The person takes the art away 


I will follow a love heart map. Visiting scared sites of love and human outpourings of love .


I will be using these monuments of love to carry the journeys along ,fulfilling the most important part of the journey , 

Allowing for the chance encounters and revelations of love, unfolding moments of truth -that make the journey.


I see it all coming together in a large final piece, where everybody’s heart stories form a single piece of art, I have in mind a hot air Balloon.