The Concept

I am planning on making two short films in 2016:

The Love Heart Journey and The Dream Van Journey.

Over the last three years, I have made journeys throughout America, making pieces in the moment, listening to stories, connecting with people and documenting it all in photography. The next stage is to turn these journeys into films.

I am looking for all types of support: film-makers, funding, sponsorship, a social media platform...

The Love Heart Journey

The purpose of this journey is to connect with people and listen to what they say about love.

I will be collecting love stories and lines of love. I will be travelling on foot, arriving in town like a peddler with his bottles of magic.

I will take a huge role of fabric and all the colours of spray cans, dyeing and painting people’s hearts. Everything is made in the moment.

From my previous journeys, I have learnt to always go lightly - it makes connection easier and more genuine.

Following a Love Heart Map, I will be visiting sacred sites of love, places that tell a story of love. The wedding chapels of Vegas will be my starting point.

I will be using significant destinations of love to move my journey along.

Most importantly are the interactions with people along the way, revelations of love and moments of truth.

The finale will be a larger piece, that brings all the hearts together in one piece of art. For example, a hot air balloon made of all the individual love heart pieces.

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Read Love Heart Diary


The Dream Van Journey

For The Dream Van Journey, I will be working with two artists from Frankfurt, travelling in a van and creating live, spontaneous moments of art, out in the landscape, connecting to people and communities. The journey will start at the Earthship in New Mexico and will take in five dream destinations in the US.

The purpose of our journey is to listen to people's dreams and create a space where they can tell their stories. We will interpret people's dreams visually and physically, turning them into art in the moment.

Our plan 

Collect the dreams as an opus telling the stories as a collective.

"imagine if you can sew one dream to another"


Make sure people can take their dream away with them.



The van is our tool box and it moves us between stories.

It carries our equipment, so we are able to set up in places the instant we arrive.

Both we and the people we meet will paint on and around the van, the main work will be created in the environment.

It is live art happening in the landscape, connecting to the people and their communities.

Collecting and connecting in the deserts, cities and the mountains.

We will travel light, not much stuff, this is key for connecting.

We will carry a simple mock-up set; including paints, giant frames and large roles of canvas, connecting the van to trees, lamp posts, anything on the land.

We will paint dreams and the people will paint their dreams.


We will pinpoint five locations to visit along the way.

Places where people have created extraordinary dreams. Perhaps more importantly, we will meet people randomly along the route .

We will start at the Earthship in New Mexico, where a community has been building Earthships ‘Life rafts’

out of rubbish, since the '70’s. "One mans extraordinary dream."

Then onto a sacred place of the Navahos ‘Shiprock’ in new Mexico, otherwise known as ‘Rock with Wings’.

The Shamans prayed on this land and The Great Birdrock rose from beneath their feet, the great rock bird transported its people to safety.


Next we will explore the surrealist gardens - ‘The Garden of Eden’ by Edward James.....