Over the last few years, I have made journeys throughout America, making pieces in the moment, listening to stories, connecting with people... This is my story - in my own words.

I remember it like this...
It was mid-winter in the Heartland of Nebraska
I was looking for a small town called Papillion

All I had was my needle, thread and a bag of fabric
All I knew was I needed to make some wings
I was going to start making everything in the moment
Gonna undo everything I knew... 

In the Heartland I find myself in a basement with a waitress
In-between orders
Making a pair of wings 

The wings take me to the magic
and the magic tells me to go to the Navajos 

I meet the medicine man
We make a wolf

He hands me a piece of white buffalo fur
He tells me the white buffalo will herald a great time of peace
And change

I head to LA to make white buffaloes
I find a Rainbow

And the Rainbow falls apart 

Somehow I think if I can understand each colour then
the rainbow will fix back together 

I follow the colours
I meet Lament Red down on the beach
She tells me I need to find the heart 

Now I have all my colours
And I'm at the Love Heart